Android Nougat is the seventh operating systemic chapter of Google launched to the audience. It brought a heap of features with security repairs and further. However, Rootkhp download is a trendy implement and that brought root permission for Android 7.0. It is exclusive for those users remained for an advanced utility which supports perfectly. However, team Rootkhp publicized this a few months back and has been updated its pro version to 2.1 in January 2018.

Why is Rootkhp download so important?

Though there are tons of varies applications in the market to bring root permission on Smartphone and Tablet, download Rootkhp has special functions and scripts to dive deep and apply for root status. All new handsets with Nougat and even older kits either of Samsung, Sony, HTC, LG Oppo and whatever. You will capable to download it as a zip extension and that accepts only Windows operating systems.

By the way, it is a powerful implement and that proficient to use even with minimum knowledge. After its suggestion, you will be able to save battery, customize the structure, speed up the system, change features, install root-only apps, resolve system issues, flash ROM files and so on. And you will be able to remove stock functions and apps as well to arrange the structure as you wish. Rootkhp is a desktop based application. It seems Rootkhp apk is not there at this instant as it must be at the testing level. However, prepare a proper Windows PC with drivers and tap the certain switch to accomplish the procedure.


Rootkhp implement got a couple of limitations as well along with advanced features. Those who are with whatever device brand functioning Android Nougat the 7th major version capable to bring its support. The specifically designed Rootkhp download utility can give root access on your system within few minutes with a single tap.

Root Android Nougat using Rootkhp download


  • Bring a Windows running PC
  • Download Rootkhp latest version on your PC
  • Backup important files and the whole lot
  • It would be better turned off if your PC got a virus guard

The procedure

  • Facilitate USB debugging mode
  • Bring a USB cable and connect the Smartphone to the computer
  • Start the procedure by running downloaded file above
  • Once the user interface will open check whether the handset detected
  • And then, go to the particular Root key stand in orange
  • Click it and remain next few minutes for the procedure which will end with a reboot

Troubleshooting tips

  • If it fails for the first attempt try few more times
  • If repeatedly flops, make sure that you are running Nougat
  • And you have to make certain your device is completely free from having special security features such as bootloader lock and so on
  • Having the recent version as well an important to make procedure sharp

Developer Credits

Rootkhp is a dedicated conception of famed XDA member Rootkhp team. Therefore, full credits go to them for offering this as free licensed software for users with the full support of Android 7.0.