LG flash tool is the best firmware flashing utility for almost all LG Android devices. It capable to flash any KDZ firmware kit even above 1 GB. After the initial version launched on 25th June 2014, there were three public releases including the current latest version comes as LG flash tool 2014. And it is the newest edition advanced using preceding UpTestEx v1.2.3.1.
However, the utility also introduces as KDZ flash tool for its specific performance of flash any KDZ file comes even in large sizes. There should be a Windows XP or later PC to run the utility through. It does not matter either you are root or non-root. And capable to perform throughout both TOT and KDZ approaches.


  • 25.06.2014 – Primary version
  • 27.06.2014 – Repaired not working with computers based Windows XP operating system
  • 03.07.2014 – Completely stable not working on Windows 8

Additional features of LG Flash tool

  • Licensed as a freeware
  • No need to use additional tools
  • Capable to flash almost all LG Smartphone and Tablet in the market
  • No need to connect to Wi-Fi or Internet
  • Works in English as the default language
  • Well-established and user-friendly graphical user interface
  • Sharp and swift flash procedure
  • Proficient to bypass devoid of hosts file or HTTP server
  • Ability to flash any handset comes with 10b, 11c, 12b and 23abc
  • Welcome both root or unroot devices
  • Capable to work through TOT or KDZ methods

System requirements

  • Compile a computer with Windows XP or later
  • Download respective LG phone drivers to the PC and install
  • Arrange a USB cable to network devices
  • Download LG flash tool 2014
  • Copy KDZ file into LG Flash Tool 2014 folder

How to Use LG Flash Tool 2014

  • Extract the tool file you downloaded
  • Bring the Smartphone and put it into download mode
  • And then you have to plug the USB cable into the PC and connect the handset
  • In this step, you have to copy KDZ file to the respective tool folder
  • Finally, run the program
  • Enter your device info to the next window
  • And now, you can start the flash procedure
  • The procedure will display. Stay away until it brings up to 100%

How to enable download mode?

  • Shut down the handset first
  • And then start to arrange download mode by pressing Volume up key
  • While continuing with the button, connect to the PC using the cable
  • The screen will change from Download Mode to Firmware Update

Troubleshooting tips

  • Those who get “The phone is disconnected from PC”, there is an issue with the USB port. As an example, if the connected port is USB 3.0 change it to USB 2.0
  • Download Visual C++ RunTime Library and install to the PC, if your machine incapable to run the exe tool package
  • If it seems still the utility cannot detect the handset, there may be an issue with the cable or the port you used. So change each and check. If you have been rejected repeatedly, check whether KDZ flash tool is the latest version. Uninstall the entire package and install the latest
  • Those who fail to arrange download mode properly better remove the handset battery and replace it after 30 seconds and retry
  • Even some of the first attempts may not triumph. Therefore, you have to try several times. It may be two or more than
  • It does not matter if the software or the KDZ package you got is above 1 GB

Developer credits

LG Flash tool 2014 absolute developer credits goes to XDA Developers. So our gratitude goes to them for holding and free suggestion of the utility for almost all LG Smartphone models.