We are back with other famed rooting tools offered by Geohot a couple of years back. It capable to let those consumers become administrative level users in minutes. So you can capture the latest version of Towelroot download and enjoy all root-only features in simply. 

The importance of the tool

As everyone knows, there are a variety of rooting tools in stocks that we can pick up the most considered one when we desire to become a root user. There are several features and performing functions behind Towelroot to become our suggestion today. We have been taken a couple of utilities with our previous reports as well that you can refer them and compare. So it is up to you to choose a certain implement that match with your conditions and requirements. 

 However, Towelroot comes as an APK based utility that we can simply install and run through the handset. And it is free while being one of the best rooting tools. By chose this, you can save both time and money in a simple rooting approach.

Versions of Towelroot download

V1 – Initial release
V2 – Bug fixes and enhancements
V3 – Performance with stable uses
V4 – Enhanced device compatibility with few new device models
V5 – Version 5 is the latest version that contained several enhancements and fixes for a better support

Compatible devices and Android versions

There is a long list of compatible devices that has been increase from version to version. Handsets such as Sony, Samsung, LG, HTC, Huawei and so on are there. It seems even the utility capable to read the most recent root scripts to bring you successful results. Moreover, it capable to support even latest Android versions as well with recommended uses.

Hardware and system preparation

Create a backup is the first step that you should be prepared before whatever serious procedure. So do the same before Towelroot. And then go to Unknown sources and facilitate it for further movements. So then the app will smoothly install devoid of any trouble. And then make certain that it has sufficient battery power. If not, charge it right away. And finally, make sure that you are connected to a proper internet connection to download the utility.

How to root using Towelroot download?

  • If every single preparation is completed, you can move on from here.
  • Just open your handset and download the utility right away
  • Once download and installation have been concluded, launch it to commence the procedure
  • And then, you can use the “Make it ra1n” key

So the procedure will smoothly begin and end with a simple reboot at the end. And it is your turn to increase your handset performance and take pleasure in being rooted. Root checker is the next installation that you should do next if you are doubt whether you got root or not.

Developer credit

Developer credits of the well established Towelroot goes to famed Geohot developer of XDA developers. Therefore, full credits of the development and offer such a devoted utility just for free credits goes to them.