Here is another great utility of XDA developers for those users who like to bring a simplified application on their devices. So we call it Vroot download. It is totally free and comes with the support for almost all above Android 1.5 and later. It is a Windows only utility for users to move and adjust everything in an extensive region. However, we hope you all would like to reflect on this handy implement to simply become a rooted user. Check out whether this was the one you were looking. 

Vroot download for Android

Of course Vroot is another impressive rooting application. It comes for free of charge for almost all Android models starting from Android 1.5. Reports testify that it properly works over 8K device typed in the market. As a desktop based utility, users capable to check out things in a wide screen and safely set to the destination. As one of older form implements, you can keep trust in it for it has been supported lots of users since far. However, this is easy and handy rather than waste your time with an improper or else unstable tool. Just try out this and become rooted with a heap of further uses. Keep in your mind that vroot apk is not a true consideration. 

Vroot special performances

We all know that a device with root permission capable to offer its users tons of tweaks, themes, apps and so on. As the same manner, a handset cracked using Vroot will bring several things on your way. Custom ROM flash, buy free apps, remove stock apps, completely clear junk files, save battery power, energize the device performance plus more and more features are there when you become rooted. 

By the way, you may do not know that this is the previous edition of tool iRoot and that too one of famed utilities of stable rooting applications in the market. Though being a Windows only tool, vroot capable to let you gain all you desire through root status. 

How to root?


The root procedure has few easy steps to follow. First of all, do the preparations and then turn to the rest. 

  • Charge the handset battery at least up to 90%
  • Create backups of all important data files
  • Bring a Windows running PC
  • Install USB drivers to the computer
  • Compile a USB cable

Steps to follow

  • Download the rooting tool on your PC and set up. The version 1.7.8 is the latest
  • USB debugging mode is the next option to enable. For that, users have to go to Settings > Developer options > USB debugging mode
  • And then get the respective USB wire to connect the device
  • Stay there few seconds for the handset should detect by the utility
  • Use the root button to start the procedure
  • So the process will smoothly reach the end with a reboot. Even the user interface will note that that device has been rooted
  • You can unplug the device from the PC and check its root permission then