Getting root permission on an Android is important. Though it was a tough procedure a few years ago, it has a heap of interesting and easy methods in recent times thanks to dedicated developers in XDA members. Therefore, Pingpong root apk is such a tremendous creation that offered for those fellows who were waiting since far for a proper method to root their beloved devices without tripping the KNOX meter in Samsung Galaxy S models. Thus, throughout this utility, users capable to deal with their S6 and S6 Edge rangers devoid of any trouble that they worried about. So here is our complete guide of get root authorization using the best ever application for S6 and S6 variants.

Ping pong root for any Smartphone or Tablet

Although we often encounter rooting tools that can support a long list of Android devices, this can only deal with Samsung Galaxy S6 models. If you are with a S6 or S6 Variants, pingpong rooting tool is the unsurpassed suggestion that can let you enter root permission without let know that Knox counter. It often says without throw off the KNOX. Since it is the security barrier that counts each attempt you put forward on your device system to accomplish custom recovery flash. So it drops your device quality and even the warranty as well. But when you are with pingpong root, it takes you through a safe journey.

How to root using Ping pong root?

  • Open the device browser and search for Pingpong root apk
  • Download the latest version of the utility and run it right away
  • So the tool will automatically start its procedure and settle SuperSU latest version. To arrange it properly, you should follow up those directions that will display
  • When the installation done, run SuperSU for the activation. It will swiftly set an error text and close the interface to navigate to the root tool
  • If you are connected to Wi-Fi, tap on the “Download Data” option and update device data
  • And then put the finger on the certain “Get root” key
  • At the end of the procedure, the handset should reboot to completely arrange alterations
  • If the Ping pong root app is not important, you can uninstall it either
Important: Root check is the recommended app to check root permission on Android devices. If you are doubt about your movement, you too can get the support of it.

Troubleshooting tips

Unfortunately, as a technical utility, this too surrounds some troublesome events. Therefore, if the procedure seems to fail few times, check it to be the latest version. The most recent update of the utility have fixes and repaired points that can take you to a faultless conclusion. Moreover, you should not go through this procedure if you already got root permission. It will surely drop you repeatedly if you do so. If the handset has Kinguser, it must remove first. If still fails, check out the device model number on your hands. It might be not compatible. So you better consider some other option.