When you feel that your Smartphone or the Tablet should refresh for there is a serious battery drain issue. For the most part, this happens when the device contain a heap of third-party apps. But how great it would be if you have a utility that supports the handset to run almost effortlessly and enduringly, as it did the first day. Of course, there is an implement and that lets you recognize and arrange deleterious apps into hibernate. We call it Greenify apk which comes support for both root and non-root devices. It is a unique method that any other similar tool cannot even imitate to be. 

What is Greenify apk?

In brief, Greenify is a tiny utility that supports users to simply hibernate whatsoever background app on Android. Throughout, you can safely manage battery drain issue. Hibernate is a unique feature that can only encounter through Greenify. When you are not with the device, it usually lets background apps to waste your battery. But when this smart utility will be there, it will force all those battery wasting applications to sleep until you wake up them. But this has a serious deep operation.
By hibernating apps, you will capable to put everything out of service for the duration of you are not active with. In other words, battery power will no longer waste from then. But those essential activations such as Alarm will not stop work. 

Greenify apk for hibernate

Hope you realized how worthy having Greenify download on your Smartphone. While non-root users as well capable to apply this with a few additional conditions, there is a totally free supporter comes with root support as well. Between two options, there are several differences since root permission capable to spread a wide area than normal. 

Download the latest version

There are a couple of updates with the most recent version 4.5.1 which unwrapped on 22nd October 2018.  With the update, there is a new international setting as “Always ignore background-free”. Moreover, a few all-new settings as well included behind. As the best update, it seems this capable to work on Android P DP as well. When the device is in Xposed or privileged mode, the device will no longer go wrong and hibernate as it has been fixed with some further issues. 

Final words

Greenify is the only application in the app store that gives you a chance to safely stop background apps and save a quiet battery power. Unlike some other utilities that stand for the same functionality, this will not kill those applications and hold their updates as well. It just holds their further movements that come behind the battery drain issue that technically calls hibernate. For that you will have to create a blacklist by enter those apps you want to force. Behind that, you will ask to permission Greenify to enter third-party applications in the device. But fully automated hibernate model will work perfectly with root status. When you applied Greenify on a formal system, you will have to manually arrange everything.