YouTube is one of popular applications in the world that users chose to spend their leisure. But there are some disappointments when users face issues. Advertisements that display on videos and previous to selected video clips are one of those. So it is tricky to spend our time because of such interruption and extreme dislike happenings. But now, we have a dedicated supporter as YouTube Vanced apk download which is handier and support to enjoy whatsoever without any barrier. If you confuse whether it is a root-only app, it is not at all. You can become a user of this great utility even as a non-root user. 

What is YouTube Vanced apk download?

In brief, YouTube Vanced is a personalized application of the ordinary YouTube and that hold several amazing features that you cannot encounter through the formal website. In earlier stages of the utility was arrived as a development of the senior and well-known XDA developer Master_T. But it was namely iYTBP and that recently taken by a team with four members that called Vanced. Therefore, the entire credits goes to them for their dedication those who known as @KevinX8, @Razerman, @ZaneZam and @Laura almeida.

Importance of YouTube Vanced apk download

The concept of the YouTube Vanced taken from an Xposed module and that avialble for youtube playback. So it was developer Master_T behind the initial project who extracted features from the module and inject them to the new creation. So now, the utility you will encounter contain everything you desire including formal functions of the official app apart from those newly added features. Surround everything, block advertisements is the key feature that experts highlight behind. Furthermore, Background playback is the next that you will encounter through. 

Although comes as a unique third-party resource, it is risk free and will not enter the personal area of the device. You can become a member by just install it as a common APK. Keep in your mind that its installation and usage should be at your own risk.

How to install?


  • Check your device compatibility with YouTube Vanced
  • First of all, make sure whether you want to endure the current YouTube account even with this installation
  • If it is yes, you have to prepare and set up MicroG APK on your device
  • Now you can search the latest version of the tool and download it to the Smartphone
  • And then install the downloaded file as you usually set up APKs
  • That’s it. So from now onwards, you can enjoy everything in YouTube devoid of any troublesome pop-up or else a movement

Important: MicroG is an alternative to Google Play Store which comes as an open source substitute. Those fellows with No GAPPS know how worthy it is to go through. So this too is a development of another XDA member.

Points to remember

Before become a member of the application, you should confirm your compatibility. Moreover, you must realize how it will perform on your device. And the application should be non-root package that available for free users without root permission.