Eroot is one of most aged rooting tools in the market. There are several device models that XDA developers recommended for users to easily become rooted with. Download Eroot latest version 1.3.4 on your Windows computer and enjoy the true freedom. Though it known to be a Chinese based application, there is n o any complicated step to move on that even a newbie can safely pass. Users with 4.0.2.A.062, 4.1.B.0.587, 4.1.A.0.562 and 4.1.B.0.431 running Smartphone replicas or else those releases in 2011, are the specifically suggested handsets to root using. Though there are some English based offers as well in the web, we do not propose those. However, let’s go through a brief trailblaze from here for you to decide whether it is goon on your device? 

Download Eroot latest version

The latest version of the utility available in the web for free. Note that the version 1.3.4 is the latest release contains all updates to support in a more excellent manner. Rather than face issues or errors with previous editions, you better find out the hottest editions always. The graphical user interface became easier to understand even when you are a newbie either. Since single click root is the key guidance, there is nothing further to apply apart from the certain rooting button. 

Download Eroot apk on your Android

In this topic, we want you to realize the true situation of Eroot apk that you all excited for. It is really great if whatever rooting application has an APK support. Unfortunately, there are a couple of utilities in the market that only can perform on a PC. As the same manner, eroot too available as a desktop based implement. The truth is it yet to reach apk level if developers planned to offer in future. But we assure you that the computer based application would be an easy approach when you carefully consider each movement. Since APK is all about direct Android installations, keep in your mind that the current package of the tool require a Windows running computer to run. 

How to root using download Eroot?



  • First of all, go to USB debugging mode and enable it right away
  • And enable Unknown sources as well
  • Charge the device first up to 100%
  • Download the latest version of Eroot on your prepared Windows computer
  • And then, download ADB drivers and that applicable on your PC
  • Now use a suitable USB cable to attach the handset to the machine
  • If ADB driver set up is proper, the device will detect within few minutes
  • Now you can launch the tool package and start rooting

Once tap on the respective button, the procedure will commence. When you see a long reboot, it is the end of the operation. So securely take out the Smartphone from the USB cable. If you need further approvable, use root checker app from the Google Play store.

Important facts

If the device will not detect within few minutes after you connected, check that the drivers package you established. Moreover, come to a certain point if the device compatible with the utility.