This is about a well-established Android Application which supports almost all MTK chipset utilized Smartphone models in the market. Unequal to some other tools that just comes as flashing tools, using SP flash tool 2019, you can easily flash ROM kits, recover the handset or else carry out whatever flashing operation using scatter based software kits. Having a MediaTek device is the only requirement that you have to pass.

Features you will obtain with SP flash tool 2019

  • Flash ROMs and Recovery
ROM flash is the key suggestion of Smartphone flash tool and that you can use in varies occasions to upgrade/downgrade or else completely renew the structure. Moreover, when you need to recover the handset in serious occasions such as bricked situations or else to unroot, flash stock ROM is the key supporter. When we consider recovery flash, it too is an important operation and that too come as an option of the tool. Users can perfectly flash recovery using a scatter based software package right away. 

  • Memory test
Check the memory and bear out the external memory of the RAM and even NAND flash too. 

  • Reset the handset
Format the handset is the next that users can accomplish through. When your handset contained a MediaTek chipset, SP flash tool can let you format it with a respective scatter package. 

  • Parameter settings
Read and write parameter on the Smartphone is the other functionality. Throughout, users capable to read and write movements data and so on for further uses.

How to flash with SP flash tool 2019?

There are a couple of requirements that you should arrange first when you are up to go through SP flash tool for Android. Since it is a desktop based utility, you have to compile a Laptop or a PC running Windows or Linux. And then a USB cable as well an important part when you need to connect devices to each other. And then, drivers are the next part as often behind flashing procedures. Finally, make certain that you removed the micro SD card or else get ready to create a backup. Have the hottest version of the utility as well an important point for a flourishing procedure. 

The procedure

  • Download the respective Smartphone flash tool and extract the zipped folder
  • You can load scatter based files then
  • And then you can unmark all checkboxes
  • Tap the Recovery panel and load the certain recovery image
  • Shut down the device and connect to the arranged computer while press the volume down button
  • Tap on the Download key and let the process end smoothly

Troubleshooting tips

There might be some errors that break off your smooth operation for some technical issues. If you agreed with conditions so on and ready to deal with, make certain that you gone through each step and ready to hit every movement.  Having the most recent utility version 5.1824 is important. If the PC will not be able to connect to the device, make certain that you properly settled respective drivers to the arranged machine during preparations.