Hello everyone! We are back with an interesting topic once more. In this post, we are going to discuss with you a couple of troubleshooting tips to follow when Samsung smart switch get stuck or occur any issue. We gave you a clear guide how to use it and now it is about troubleshoot. Here we go. 

Troubleshooting tips for Samsung smart switch 

  • Random shut down or crash or the app
  1. Check and make sure if the device compatible with Smart switch for incompatibility might be the issue
  2. If drivers are unable to automatically load, these kinds of errors can occur
  3. The app is not properly installed
  4. If there are some security apps or so on that block the connection between devices when connect to Wi-Fi
  5. Check whether USB cable can network devices properly

  • Samsung smart switch not companionable
Since the application known as a well-matched one for Galaxy devices, we cannot expect a compatibility issue from Samsung device models unless they are below Android 4.0. And even for the other Android devices, the OS must be above Android 4.0. Moreover, when you come to iPhone or iPad, this cannot set up on iOS platform. If you recognize there are some further issues you can use third-party applications such as Program Compatibility Troubleshooter to fix them and go on.

  • Backup cannot be found
This is a little bit complicate when you do not know how to find out the lost backup. Do not afraid and just go to Settings app of the device. And then Accounts > remove the account and re-add it to fix the trouble.

  • Not connect
The application may not connect for some similar issues. This is one of common errors that complaint. But this do not have any further error as we recognize all above troubles might surround these kinds of not connecting issues.

  • The device does not have enough space
In fact, this is not an error while it is on the user’s hand to clear out the device space before send either receive data as well. You must make certain that the device got enough space to install the app. And then, you might see “Insufficient Storage Available” alert during the process. Clean the storage then and start the transaction back.

Final words

Smart switch is one of the amazing file sharing apps in the market that we can easily find out and transfer our data devoid of any trouble. You can set up it on your root or non-root device just for free. The latest version of the app available in the Google Play store and third-party sources that you can effortlessly find out. Unlike other apps available to share varies data, there is no any restriction for certain file formats and sizes. Refer our previous guide to collect some further about the utility. If you are above Android 4.0 and iOS 5.0, you ware warmly welcome to set up the implement. Furthermore, Windows, Mac and Blackberry as well have been recommended to be applied.