Transfer data from an older to a new device means a heavy task. And even it might take a couple of days for you to select each data and send them carefully. So you have to find out similar applications on the new device and apply them there. How great it would be if there is a true supporter that capable to do everything for you. Of course, there we have Samsung smart switch that we have been discussed as well. 

Moving varies videos, contact list, audio, photos, apps, calendar events and so on can arrange in a jiffy. However, in this guide, we are going to let you know how you can transfer data from device to another in an easy manner through Wi-Fi, USB cable or with a computer. It does not matter that you are not an Android user. All you should make sure is that you are with the app on both devices that you desire to connect each other. 

Transfer data using Samsung smart switch

Galaxy to Galaxy 

  1. First of all, download and install Samsung smart switch on both Galaxy devices
  2. Open the app on both handsets then to commence the operation
  3. And then connect each handset
  4. You can select data that you want to set to the other device and send them right away

Connect Android and a Galaxy

  • Transfer data throughout Wi-Fi

  1. Set up the application on each device
  2. And then launch the app and connect to each other
  3. Select data when the UI will ask you to
  4. After that, send everything in a jiffy

  • Share data using a computer

  1. Install smart switch on your PC or Mac with respective downloadable links
  2. And then connect the older device to the computer and arrange a backup of data
  3. After that, remove it and connect the newest device right now
  4. Then you can bring the respective backup and settle it to the device storage

Smart switch for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch

  • Connect via iCloud

  1. Arrange a backup of data using iCloud
  2. And then search for the Samsung smart switch app on your Android device and install it
  3. Select each data file that you need to share in this step
  4. After that, you should find out similar apps to the iDevice and settle them
  5. And then transfer data. So they will apply on respective apps

  • Using USB OTG

  1. Download smart switch to the Android phone
  2. Connect devices using USB OTG
  3. And then launch the app on your Android
  4. Enter data to share
  5. Set up identical applications to the iDevice and send data

Final words

Since the app capable to connect with Blackberry as well, you can easily bring your older device and the new one and transfer data. You can set up the app using respective links on varies platforms before start the procedure, and then the operation is not that complicated for you will see each guideline. Check out our previous posts and get ready to deal with the best data sharing utility in app stores devoid of any doubt.