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RF stands for Radiofrequency and Radiofrequency can be any frequency works within an Electromagnetic spectrum which associated with radio wave propagation. Electromagnetic waves between 3kHz to 300GHz,  operate under Radio frequency. Most of the wireless products are operated under RF principles by now including mobile phones, Bluetooth headsets, Wi-Fi-enabled laptops and many more. Pandora tool allows users to calibrate the RF components if they are using devices that are powered by Spreadtrum chipsets. Pandora does not work with any device other than Spreadtrum smartphones and tablets.

Download Pandora Tool 

Pandora comes as a small Windows-based application that can adjust the RF parameters in your spreadtrum smartphones and tablets. The tool is developed and distributed for free by Spreadtrum Inc. It works on both calibration and normal mode when connecting to the Windows computer. If you are struggling with bad signal reception due to geographical distance or poor local coverage you can enhance your signal strength through Pandora tool download.

Features Of Pandora Tool

Easy Installation - As you know, most of Windows programmes require an installation process to work on Windows. But Pandora comes as a portable setup and you only have to download the Pandora tool and extract the package on your computer. After extracting, you are ready to run the Pandora application.

Available on Calibrate Mode And Normal Mode -  Pandora tool supports both Calibrate Mode And Normal Mode. Calibrate mode is explained as setting up the device to furnish accurate data input from any source. When you use the tool for the smartphone in calibrate mode, it disconnects the connection that has been established through V-BUS using the USB cable between the computer and the smartphone. Then, power on the device. V-BUS refers to the USB bus voltage. When you use the tool for a spreadtrum smartphone in Normal Mode, the tool power on the device first and then connect to the computer.

Easy and Informative Interface - Pandora Interface has a well-categorized user interface and it gives quick navigation options to every task. Even you are a fresher to the tool, you can use the tool as a professional due to the simplicity of the tool. Also, it gives all the necessary information about the device that you have connected to the computer including IMEI, Bluetooth address and other information.

System Requirments

A smartphone or tablet with Spreadtrum Chipset
A Windows computer from Windows XP to Windows 10
Compatible USB cable
USB drivers
A complete back up of your device

How To Use Pandora Tool

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1 Step -  Download And Install Spreadtrum Drivers

USB drivers allow external hardware devices to communicate with a computer operating system. If you have not installed the correct drivers on your computer according to your device, the communication between your device and the computer does happen as you hope and no data exchange between the computer and the device. Therefore, download the latest spreadtrum drivers and install them on your computer

2 Step - Download and Extract Latest Pandora Tool

Pandora tool does not require an installation process. You can run the Pandora.exe file just after extracting the Pandora zip file. Once you have launched the application, you will be able to see an interface that contains "Connecting Region, Main Function Region And Log Area"

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3 Step - Configure the Meter And Power Supply 

Click the "Device" button on the top of the right side and configure the setting as you want in the dialog box that the Pandora tool shows you. After setting up the configurations, close the dialog box to proceed

4 Step - Selecting Standard To Connect Device To The Computer

Go to the left top of the interface and select the GSM Type and Mode.GSM Type comes as GSM, LTE, WCDMA etc. and GSM Mode comes as Cal Mode and Cal Post Mode. Cal Post refers to calibration and non-signalling file transfer and  Cal Post Mode helps to calibrate signalling comprising. After selecting GSM Type and Mode, select the connection type as USB. Now, click on the "Connect" button

5 Steps -  Connect Your Device To The Computer

Put your device on "Download Mode" and connect it to the computer over a USB cable. Then, Pandora will recognize your device and click on the "AT" button on the right top of the interface. As soon as you click the "AT" button, Pandora will show you a drop-down menu allowing you to select "Request Type".Select the"Request Type" and click on the "Send" button. Then, you will get the response from your device

6 Steps -  Configuring the Write Options and Determining RF Path

On the main interface go to "Write Options" to read or write the IMEI, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth addresses etc. of your spreadtrum device. Also, you can determine the status of your device RF path by selecting the GSM type of your device from the lower line of tabs on the top interface. Select the GSM type and click the "Activate" button. Then go to "Max Power" button to see the maximum power of your device. You can change the max power there. That's all you have to do.

Final Word

In addition to adjusting cell power, you can use the Pandor tool to do a factory reset, read calibration flag, reboot the device and many more. Adjusting cell power and writing IMEI may cause loss of personal and using device is at your own risk.