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Android rooting is the first step to start the Android customization. It allows users to perform simple technical tasks to advanced technical tasks. A rooted Android device is more useful and highly customizable than a non-rooted Android device. There are several methods to root an Android smartphone. Among them, one-click rooting tools have a higher demand than other methods since it is very simple and easy. There are a number of popular one-click rooting tools such as Framaroot, Kingoroot, root master and iroot etc. When compared to other one-click rooting tools, iroot has a higher demand due to its wide range of compatibility.

Download iRoot

iRoot is available in both APK and PC versions. iRoot  APK version works as an on-device rooting tool and iRoot PC version comes as a Windows-based programme. You can choose one of them to root your Android smartphone. Most of the times PC version is recommended since it is more stable than APK version.iRoot is available in both Chinese and Englis language and it is the successor of vRoot. Be careful when downloading the application since the language issue. Most of the versions after initial release has been released in Chinese languages.

iRoot General Features

  • Comes as a freeware
  • Available in both PC and APK versions
  • Simple and Attractive interface
  • The enhanced User feedback system
  • Faster performances
  • Wide range of compatibility
  • Supports Android 2.3 to 5.0
  • Does not require custom recovery
  • Install a superuser app
  • Automatically require to switch to recovery mode when normal rooting fails
  • Comes with unroot feature

iRoot PC Version

  • The iRoot PC version has a higher success rate for almost all of the Android devices that it is compatible with
  • Simple and Stable
  • Quickly and safely root your device
  • Easy rooting steps

iRoot APK Version

  •  Easy to use rooting tool along with simple rooting steps
  • Attractive and simple user interface
  • Safe and no risk of device bricking
  • Works faster
  • Recommended for Android 4.4

iRoot Changelog

  • Stable rooting ability
  • New devices added
  • New exploits included
  • Fixed bugs and crashes
  • The updated user feedback module

Supported Devices

iRoot supports a number of smartphone brands such as Samsung, Sony, Google, Oppo, Lenovo, Coolpad, HTC, Huawei, Haier, Oneplus, Vivo and many more brands

System Requirments

  • A Windows computer  with the latest USB drivers(PC users)
  • A compatible USB cable
  • Enough battery power on your Android smartphone

How To Root Your Android Smartphone Using iRoot PC Version

  • 01 Step – Back Up Your Smartphone
However much the rooting tool is safe, it is better to make a back up of your device since you are going to mack some alteration on your device system. Get a complete backup of your device
  • 02 Step - Install relevant USB drivers and Reboot your computer
Download Install relevant and latest  USB drivers on your computer according to your smartphone brand. Make sure to reboot your computer after installing drivers.
  • 03 Step - Enable USB Debugging Mode On Your Smartphone
USB debugging mode allows you to change system using a computer. In some devices, you can directly navigate to developer options under settings and enable USB Debugging Mode. If you cannot find the developer option under the settings follow the below method to enable USB debugging mode
  1. Enable Developer Options - Settings >> About Device >>Tap on  the Build number seven times 
  2. Enable USB Debugging Mode - Again Go to Settings >>Developer options>>enable the USB Debugging option
Note: Make sure to enable the “Stay awake option”.It will keep your device awake while it is being connected to the computer
  • 04 Step - Download iRoot Application and Extract it on your computer
Now, download the iRoot PC application on your Windows computer and extract as usual and launch the iRoot PC application
  • 05 Step - Connect Your Android Smartphone to the PC
Next, connect your smartphone to the computer using the USB cable. Wait until the programme recognizes your device. It will show your device name and model when recognized successfully

download iroot
  • 06 Step -  Root Your device
You will be able to see "No Root Permissions" message on the iRoot interface if your device is a non-rooted one. Click "Root" button to start the rooting process and gain root access.
  • 07 Step - Complete rooting process
You will see the button as "Complete" on the interface when the rooting process is completed. Click on the "Complete" button to finalize the rooting process. Now, you can disconnect your device safely and check root access using root checker app
iroot pc

How To Root Your Android Smartphone Using iRoot APK Version

  • 01 Step - Download and Install the latest  iRoot APK  version on your Android smartphone
  • 02 Step - Before starting  the rooting process make sure you have connected to the internet
  • 03 Step - Now, open iRoot APK application and you will be able to see "Get Root Access" message on the iRoot Home screen
  • 04 Step - Tap  on the message to gain root access
iroot apk

Note - Rooting avoid your device warranty

Final Word

iRoot is one of the most successful and popular rooting tools. You can use either of PC or APK version according to your preference. Regardless of the device brand, you can use the tool within the tool compatible Android range. However iroot PC version is compatible with more number of devices than the iRoot APK version.