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As it seems there is no other application as popular as Youtube by now. Because most of the smartphone users use Youtube based on various reasons. Some of them use Youtube for entertainment and some users use it for educational purposes. As you know, Youtube is available as the  Free version and Premium version. Most of the smartphone users use Youtube Free service since it provides some basic features for free. In contrast to Youtube Free version, Youtube premium version provides advanced features and users needs to pay a subscription fee for that. That is why OGYouTube is being discussed much more by now.

What Is The Difference Between Youtube Free and Youtube Premium Versions

Youtube Free version offers basic video sharing features such as playing video contents, ability to comment and rate videos, creating youtube channels, uploading videos and few other services. All the features are provided with commercials ads and no chance to skip the ads until the certain time ends. users are not allowed to download videos, save videos to play offline, access to original content, background playback in the free service. If users want to have advanced features on Youtube, they need to subscribe to the Youtube premium service paying the appointed subscription fee. That is why users tend to use modded versions of Youtube application.

Youtube Premium Vs OGYouTube

OGYouTube is one of popular modded version of the original Youtube application which was created by  OGMods, a Senior Member from XDA developer in the collaboration of OsamaGhareeb. It allows users to have almost all of Youtube premium services and additional features for free without subscribing to the service. The app is a bit older but still works perfectly.

Features Of OGYouTube

  1. Allow users to download Youtube videos as MP3s
  2. Double pressing on back button to exit the Video
  3. Users can download the subtitles for videos
  4. Downloads multiple downloads at once
  5. Users can watch videos on the background and Popup Windows
  6. You can listen to the video when the device screen is off
  7. Allow users to play any quality of videos between *140p~1440p*
  8. Controls for Volume, Brightness and Position
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Changelog Of OGYouTube

  1. The initial version of OGYouTube was released in 2015
  2. New options for Remove Ads /Clear downloads/Default screen/Default Quality//
  3. Download settings and Background Playback by default
  4. Fixed MP3 Downloading issues
  5. occasional bug fixes and improvements
  6. Ability to Hide Downloads icon and Rename videos before download
  7. Improved User Interface
  8. Android Marshmallow support
  9. Updated to Youtube base 11.16.62
  10. Android Nougat support
  11. Supported x86 architecture
  12. Fixed issues with  Popup mode/seeking controls and background playback

What You Need To Install OGYouTube

  • An Android device that runs Android 4.1 or higher (Rooted or Non-Rooted)
  • About 45 MB device space to download the app

How To Install  OGYouTube On Your Android Smartphone 

OGYouTube is a modded application and you cannot download the application through the Google Play store. You have to access a third-party download source to have the app. Make sure to use a reliable source to download the application.

1 Step - First of all, you need to disable the original version of Youtube in order to install the OGYouTube
2 Step - Settings > Application manager >YouTube >Uninstall Updates > Disable
3 Step - If you have rooted your device Delete the Youtube application
4 Step - As mentioned above, OGYouTube is a third-party application and you need to enable the "Unknown Sources" which is disabled by default
5 Step - Go to Settings >Security > Enable Unknown Sources > Tap on "OK"
6 Step - Now, download the OGYouTube application and install as a regular Android application


Frequently Asked Questions On OGYouTube

OGYouTube is crashing on my device

Most users face this problem due to compatibility issues. When you download the application make sure to download the latest version of the app if you are using the latest version of Android. OGYouTube working on up to Android Nougat.

I am unable to sign in to OGYouTube

Most of times users fail to sign in to OGYouTube app when they are using Custom ROMs on their devices. When a custom ROM is being used Gapps are not working well and as a result of this, you cannot use the application. Use the following method to avoid the problem

1 Step - Download Google services Framework app, Google Account Manager and Google Play services on your device
2 Step - Install them one by one on your device
3 Step - Now, run the OGYouTube and sign into it

Despite the Custom ROM, sign in issue may occur due to Xposed module. If you are using the application without Xposed module you may not be able to sign into your account.

Final Word 

The developer of OGYouTube announced two years ago that he would not update the app again and the last version would be the final update to the app. But still, OGYouTube can be downloaded and it is stable as of writing now. Hope you will be able to enjoy the app. In addition to OGYouTube,  there are some latest alternatives such as Tubemate, Youtube Vanced that you can try to have a better Youtube experience.