Almost all of Samsung Galaxy smartphone users know what is Samsung Odin. Because it is that much popular flashing utility for Samsung Galaxy smartphones. Even though Samsung Odin is popular as a flashing utility, it is not limited to flashing firmware files. It can flash recovery files, kernel files and root packages too. Samsung Odin is the official flashing utility for Samsung Galaxy devices though it has not been announced publicly. As you know, there are lots of rooting tools out there for Samsung smartphones. But Odin is different than them due to some features available on Odin.

What Is The Different Between Samsung Odin And Other Rooting Apps

Most of rooting apps come as one-click rooting tools and you can root your device very simply using them. But Samsung Odin works as a Windows-based flashing utility and it does not allow you to root your device in one-click. You need to download the correct root package according to your device and needs to be flashed via the Odin tool. Since Odin has been designed to flash .tar or tar.md5 files you cannot flash other than those file extensions. Generally, most of recovery, kernels and root packages come in zip files and it is hard to find the .tar or tar.md5 files. CF-Auto-Root is the one and only root package that comes in tar.md5 file extension. It means if you want to use Samsung Odin as the rooting solution you have to download and extract the accurate root CF-Auto-Root package first. If you have used a rooting tool before you must have seen that it only requires to enable USB debugging mode. But it is not enough when using the Odin. It requires you to enable "Download/Odin Mode" to flash root packages. Because Odin has specially designed for Samsung Galaxy flashing.

Why Should You Root Your Samsung Galaxy Smartphone With Samsung Odin

The first and most reliable reason to root your device with Samsung Odin is its reputation. Most of Android users have used Odin by now and they have reported the successful result. On the other hand, Samsung Odin is the official tool flashing utility for Samsung Galaxy smartphone though it has not been launched to the public. But some developer documents related to Samsung Knox SDK have instructed users to use Samsung Odin though the download link has not been mentioned. Odin has wide compatibility up to Android Oreo and Pie which means it defeats a number of available tools. Because most of the rooting tools are only compatible with Android up to Lollipop. Also, as mentioned above, Odin only flash files in .tar or .tar.md5 extensions. .md5 extensions is very important. because it ensures that the files contained in the folder are not corrupted. It means always the files come to your hand are in good quality and ready to flash.

Why Is Rooting  Essential For Android Users

If you are an Android newbie, you may not know what is rooting and what is the purpose of rooting. Yo need a better explanation and better understanding before steps to the rooting process. Because rooting is a bit risky task and it may brick your device if goes wrong. It is better if you could wait until you get complete knowledge before root your device if you are a fresher to Android world. In simple terms, rooting is explained as the process of gaining root access over Android subsystems. Generally, Users are not allowed to access the device system in order to protect the device operating system from system alterations. But most Android users root their device to customize their devices as they want. Rooting is the first step to access the core part of the device operating system to make alterations. After rooting device is under full control of the user and he can perform advanced tasks on his device. Normally, we cannot do anything on our device other than the manufacturers allow us to do. Rooting is the only way to skip the manufacturers' limitations. After rooting, you can change your device in appearance, install third-party apps, flash the custom ROMs and kernels, uninstall bloatware that was previously unable.

How To Root Your Samsung Galaxy Smartphone Using Samsung Odin

As mentioned above, rooting is a risky task needs to proceed very carefully. Always back up your device before proceeding and stay consciously in every step you do. Visit cyper hunt if you need furthermore clarification.

  1. Check your device model, build number and Android version
  2.  Visit CF-Auto-Root official website
  3. Download the accurate Root package according to your  device model, build number and Android version
  4.  Extract the root package and install the Odin programme on your Windows computer that contains in the root package
  5.  Boot your device in to "Download Mode" by pressing and holding  Power Key+ Home Key+ Volume Down Key after switching off it. When prompt press the Volume Up Key to enter the download mode
  6.  Connect your device to the computer and launch the Odin programme
  7. Click on the "AP/PAD" button and check ID: COM area to verify the connection between computer and device. The area will become blue when connected. Next, load the extracted CF-Auto-Root application on the programme
  8.   Wait until the programme read the app details and click on the "AP/PAD" button to flash the root package and gain root access
  9.  Finally, you will receive the "Pass" message and the device will reboot automatically

Wrap Up

After Odin rooted your device, you can check if it has been rooted prop[erly download root checker app from the Google Play  Store. Samsung Odin is the most trusted and reliable tool for Samsung Galaxy smartphones. If you are one of the Galaxy users who has an intention to root the device, Samsung Odin would be a nice choice