Have you ever dreamt to root your Samsung or HTC device? Perhaps you might have had a dream to do so. So did I.But I was fed up with Android rooting since the hard attempt that  I had to put on it. But I did not give up my attempt. I continuously searched and read about Android rooting and find out some reliable and successful rooting tools for these models. Here are some of them I personally prefer to use. All these methods directly can be used on our smartphones and only require a simple mechanism to root Android devices

Getting Ready  To Root Your Android

If you are getting ready to root your Android device, there are some basic requirements to fulfil. After fulfilling those requirements you can engage with the root process.

1. Check your device model and Android version
2. Make a complete back up of your device
3.Enable USB debugging mode on your device
4. Charge your device
5. Be informed that Rooting voids your device warranty
6. Select the ideal rooting method and check its reliability
7. Review the feedback for the selected root tools

As there are a number of root tools, none of the Android root lovers can express their personal experience on each tool. Because most probably all the root lovers can only check two or three root tools at once. So, if you need to check out the success rate and reliability of a specific tool you need to compare the feedback and success story on each tool before using it for your device. Actually, PC rooting methods are stable and have a higher success rate than Android versions. But most of the users prefer Android root tools since they are easy to use and can be used without any advanced technological knowledge. In here you can read some of them. Personally, I tested oneclickroot tool on my Samsung Galaxy Grand prime device which runs on Android 5.1.1 and it worked fine.


OneClickRoot app is one of the successful and reliable rooting apps which has been designed to work on  Android 2.2.X, 2.3.X, 4.0.X and higher. OneClickRoot comes as OneClickRoot APK and OneClickRoot PC versions. If you are interested in OneClickRoot you can download the tool from the official website. Before downloading the tool you can check the compatibility using the online root compatibility checker. 

How To Root Your Android Device Using OneClickRoot  APK

1 Step - Back up your device
2 Step - Charge your device 
3 Step - Download OneClickRoot APK
4 Step - Go to Settings > Security > Unknown Sources > Enable the Unknown sources
5 Step - Open OneClickRoot APK and follow the on-screen instruction

Finally, you will get root acess on your device. According to my personal experiences, OneClickRoot works fine on Samsung smartphones. Whatever the root tool you need to install the root acess management tool after rooting your device to avoid security issues which may occur after rooting your device. Generally, after rooting your device any app or programme can access into the essential system file on your device without your permission. The only way to control this situation is by installing a root management tool. Root management tool asks your permission in every time when an app tries to have root acess on your device. So you are always informed about apps that have root acess.


This app has been specially designed to root Verizon HTC One m7 and m8 smartphones and a few other HTC devices. If you are using  Verizon HTC One M8/M7 device you can definitely root it using this app and you can give it a try if you are one of HTC smartphone users. The app has been launched by XDA developers. But weaksauce does not work as a regular rooting app. After rooting your device using Weaksauce you lose the root acess every time you reboot the device. But it enables the root access automatically after 30 seconds.

How To Root Your Device Using WeakSauce 

1 Step - Back up your device
2 Step - Charge your device 
3 Step - Go to Settings > Security > Unknown Sources > Enable the Unknown sources
4 Step - Download file manager on your device if you have not installed on your device
5 Step - Download  WeakSauce APK on your device
6 Step - Now, launch the WeakSauce  app on your device
7 Step - The app will display a "Disclaimer Popup" and tap on "Yes" to proceed and wait for a while until it accepts your consent
8 Step - Next, download SuperSU on your device through the Google play store to complete the root process

Now, reboot your device and wait for 30 seconds until the WeakSauce root your device again. If you are using the latest HTC device patched version of weaksauce "Sunshine" will work on it.


As you there are various rooting tools to root your Android device and the ideal tool depends on various reasons. Always be cautious and select the ideal root tool for your device.