android rooting

All the human being really loves to have a vibrant lifestyle than spending a monotonous lifestyle. So, why does this principle not apply for your smartphone? Is it really interesting to have your monotonous smartphone for all your lives? If you are a really rich person it is not a problem for you as you can buy another latest device with different features. But most of the smartphone users are not too rich to change their smartphone as soon as a new smartphone arrived. That is why Android rooting becomes more important.

What Is Android Rooting

Android Rooting is one of the most popular that is being discussed over the intent and other communication methods. As far as I know, most of Android smartphone users are already aware of Android Rooting and some of them experiencing the advantages of Android rooting by now. Here, I am not going to talk to the users who are experts in Android rooting as they have stepped forward in the subject. I am going to talk to the users who are still not aware of rooting and its features. Most of Android users do not have enough knowledge to move on and they have lost with some fixed mindsets which do not allow them to move forward. Basically, Rooting is the process which helps Android users to acess the system file of their Android smartphone. Actually, It seems to be a very dangerous task since dealing with system files is a bit complex task. But you can make the task simpler and easier as much as reading and learning about it.

Why Android Rooting Is So Popular

As I mentioned above, Android Rooting allows you to acess the system files. Generally, regular Android users are not allowed to acess the system files as it may be harmful to the Android device when done with lack of knowledge. That is why your device manufacturer or carrier do not give you a chance to access them. Actually, that is the way that they tell you. It is true but on the other hand, it is not the only reason. All the device manufacturers and network carriers have their own business goal and profit margin which must be achieved.

 They fail to achieve them  If you change the system files and unlock all the capabilities on your device after accessing system files. Most of the users love to use their current smartphone for a considerable period of time as it is more beneficial and convenient than moving to another Android smartphone within a short period. But device manufacturers do not want to see that as their goals contrast to users goals. They need their users to buy the latest smartphone they have issued to the market. So, sometimes device manufactures stop software updates and app updates for older devices. As a result of this mechanism, users become helpless and looking forward to another option to keep their current device up to date. The one and the only way for this is Android Rooting

What You Can Do After Rooting

The key purpose of Android rooting is to avoid the software restrictions that have been imposed by Android device manufacturers and network carriers. After avoiding these restrictions,  you can do so many things that you may have not thought of before. Rooting allows you to uninstall bloatware and crapware in your device and have some more free space. Also, you can install a custom kernel on your device and extend the device performance and the battery life after flashing a custom recovery on your device. If you are a die-heart game lover, you can use modifier apps on your device such as Lucky patcher and have game resources withou money to reach the final level of your game. After doing all the things, if you feel you need to grab more than from your device, you can even install a Custom ROM.

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How To Root Android

Frankly, I cannot give you an answer to that question as it depends on the several facts such as Android version, device model, chipset, bootloader, device build number and more. However, there are only two universal methods to root your device. Those are Android vulnerability exploiting and flashing root binary in a custom recovery or Stock recovery. You need to search carefully and select the ideal rooting method for your device. Although Android rooting is more beneficial you must be informed that it is one of the major reason to lose your device warrant/personal data and also brick your device.

Wrapping Up

I hope you have a clear idea about Android rooting by now and it will be helpful when you try to root your device one day. I do not encourage or discourage you to root your Android device as rooting affect the Android users in both positive and negative ways. So, the final decision is up to you.