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"Rooting" is the most popular Android related software technical task which allows Android users to elevate their position than offered by their smartphone manufacturers. As it enables stock Android smartphones to offer advanced features, users love to perform the rooting process on their devices. Literally, rooting means getting software permission to acess the system files of your device to make necessary changes to alter the appearance or performance of the device. Theologically, Android root seems to be really easy but it is not as easy as it seems. Because, although the explanation is the same for all the Android devices, the same process cannot be implemented in the same way for all the devices. Here, you are going to be aware of Samsung Galaxy smartphone rooting using Odin

How To Root Android On Samsung Galaxy  With Odin Root

Samsung Galaxy smartphones are manufactured and marketed by Smasung from SouthKorea.Actually, there is nothing to state in especially about Smasung as it is that mush popular brand among the Android smartphone users. Samsung markets Android smartphones, Tablets and phablets under  Galaxy series. Officially, Samsung uses Samsung Odin firmware flashing utility to solve major software issues occur on Galaxy devices at their service centres. Smasung Odin is popular as much as Samsung smartphones are popular. Because it has given the chance to the smartphone users to solve software issues on their smartphones themselves without departing them to the service centres. Odin provides all the standard and reliable flashing utilities as same as in a service centre. Although the Odin has officially been assigned to flash to Stock firmware on bricked Galaxy smartphones, the programme is rather popular as a successful programme to flash Root package on Galaxy devices. Most of Samsung galaxy smartphone users use Odin to root their devices.

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Odin Compatible Root Packages 

As mentioned before, Odin is the official flashing utility though it is beign used as a rooting solution. As you know, none of the device manufacturers supports rooting attempt officially which means there are no official root packages that compatible with Odin. But, you can flash  CF-Auto-Root which is developed by Chainfire on your device using Odin and gain root access. CF-Auto-Root has been developed in two types as CF-Auto-Root for fastboot flashable Android devices and Odin flashable devices. Typically, Samsung Galaxy smartphones are the Odin flashable devices. As you know, there are plenty of rooting apps and solution available as of now none of which can be flashed via Odin due to incompatibility. If you have an idea to root your Samsung Galaxy smartphone, Odin root is worth considering and trying. 

Download CF-Auto-Root Features

CF-Auto-Root package  available for totally free
Not available for all the Samsung Galaxy smartphone models
Root package contains the compatible Odin application 
No need for Custom recovery and compatible with stock recovery
Need unlocked bootloader
Triggers custom flash counter
Void Knox warranty
Data contains in Encrypted data storage is wiped

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Why Does CF-Auto-Root  Not Require Custom Recovery Installed

If you have some knowledge about Android Rooting, you may know that Su binary must be installed in your Android device after rooting to run the apps as system apps. Generally, Su binary is installed with utilities such as SuperSU, MagiskSU etc with relavant firmware updates and requires a custom recovery to be installed on your device. But CF-Auto-Root does not require you to flash a custom recovery since it flashes a modified recovery and cache partition on your device first before installing SuperSU as the utility to enable root access. After successful installation, the app deletes the third-party modified recovery and cache partition itself and flash the stock recovery partion again. Technically, CF-Auto-Root has been designed to work on stock recovery and it is essential for your device to be operated in stock recovery mode. So, your device reboots in to recovery mode itself after completing the installation process and it is a must. If you devise boot into normal mode, you need to boot it in to recovery mode yourself to enable the root. Now, you may understand the whole mechanism of Odin root and let's get to know how to root with Odin.

How To Root With Odin

  • Get a complete back up of your device and charge it to the maximum
  • Unlock the device bootloader
  • Download and Install latest Android USB drivers on your Windows computer
  • Visit the official page of CF-Auto-Root
  • Download correct CF-Auto-Root root package for your device  on your computer  
  • Extract the root package and you will find Odin application inside the file along with CF-Auto-Root file
  • Run the Odin application as administrator 
  • Boot your device in to Download Mode
  • Connect it to the computer and launch Odin application
  • Odin will detect your device and show you the "Added" in Log box
  • Go to the "Options" tab on Odin and check  if Auto Reboot and F. Reset Time are ticked
  • Click AP/PDA button on the Odin an load the CF-Auto-Root file (.tar.md5 extension) and wait untill the Odin reads the data
  • Finally, click "Start" button to begin the flashing process
  • Your device will reboot in to recovery mode after flashing is done and you will see SuperSU on your device which is the symbol of successful root attempt

Final Word

Make user that your device has rebooted in recovery mode since it is essential to root app to work. You can check if you have root acess by running the root checker app on your device.