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Android Nougat is the seventh major version of the Android operating system and it is especially recognized for its split-screen display mode and experimental multi-window mode. The "Doze" power saving mechanism which was introduced in Android Marshmallow has been expanded in Android Nougat and it has been another special feature in Nougat to save a remarkable amount of battery power. If you have an intention to root your Android Nougat smartphone to expand the available features furthermore, here are the two popular and successful rooting solutions

How To Root Android Nougat 

How To Root Android 7.0 or Nougat has been one of the frequent Android smartphone questions by now. As you know, most of Android users hesitate to root their smartphones at the moment they brought it due to warranty issues. But when time passes, the warranty depreciates and gradually they turn to root their smartphones. It's been about  3 years after releasing Nougat and users previously hesitate to root has started working on rooting. Currently, RootKHP works well on Android Nougat as one-click rooting tool and Magisk works well on Android Nougat as the best flashing method to root Android Nougat

Download RootKHP

RootKHP is one most popular one-click rooting tool and it has a higher reputation in rooting Android  Nougat devices. The app is available as a Windows-based program and you can easily root your device using it.RootKHP is developed as a non-profit project and you can download the program for free. The app is highly compatible with Samsung, Xiaomi, Huawei, Honor, Amoi, Lenevo, Oppo, One plus and many more.


You can run RootKHP on Windows Windows Vista/7/2008/2008R2/8/8.1/2012/2012R2/ Windows 10 and it can grant rot acess on Android Lollipop to Android Oreo without any complications

root Android

Download Magisk

Magisk is one of popular rooting solution which needs to be flashed in TWRP recovery mode to gain root acess on Android. It works on Android 4.2+ to Android Pie. It is a bid advanced rooting solution than  RootKHP and offers more advanced rooting features than just Andriod rooting. So, if you are someone who looks forward to having advanced rooting features than just gaining root acess, Magisk is the best solution as of now.

Wrapping Up

Whatever the rooting it does not matter until you are well-informed about the process. So, make sure to have a basic android rooting knowledge on rooting principle before trying to root your device. As rooting is beneficial, most of Android users try to have root acess although they don't have enough knowledge to face the process and sudden unexpected occurrences. So, do not panic to root your device until you are fully ready to do it.