how to root Android

When an idea comes to your mind, it is better if I could root my Android device, the first thing you think of is How To Root my Android device. It is a common complication that all the Android root lovers face at the beginning. Actually, I do not think even an expert would answer your complicated situation as it is that much weird. Because the answer to the question depends on the various reasons and hard to determine the specific answer. Here, you will be able to get to know one of a popular rooting tool named Towelroot APK. Actually, I do not force you to use the tool if does not fit your device perfectly. So, read carefully and use it to root Android at your own risk

How To Root Android

Technically, you can download Towelroot APK to root your device which belongs to the one-click rooting tools. On the other hand, you can use flashing method to root your Android device which requires a bit of advanced technical knowledge. Obviously, it is hard to explain both methods at once. Here you can read how to root Android TowelRoot APK

Download TowelRoot APK

TowelRoot APK was created by  Geohot in 2014 especially for Android smartphones that run 4.3 & 4.4.2  with AT&T/Verizon, GS4 Active and  Nexus 5. But the developers has warmly welcomed AT&T/Verizon Note 3 and  Android smartphones phone with a kernel build date < 2014 Jun 3. However, as it seems there are no new updates for the tool by now, but still, you can try it on one of the above-mentioned smartphones if you are working with one of them untill now.

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Speciality Of TowelRoot APK

TowelRoot APK comes with mod string to support your stubborn Android smartphone and you can visit here and check how the mod string works on your stubborn Android smartphone if it is not compatible with regular TowelRoot APK.

How To Root Android With  TowelRoot APK

Note: Android rooting may cause unexpected issues and make sure to get a complete backup of your Android device before starting the rooting process

  • 1 Step - Charge your Android smartphone
  • 2 Step - Go to Settings > Security >> Device Administration >> Enable Unknown Sources.
  • 3 Step - Visit the TowelRoot APK site and  cleck the Lamda symbol to Download TowelRoot APK on your Android 
  • 4 Step - Install the application on your smartphone
  • 5 Step - Then, tap on  Make it ra1n

Now, you have root access on your device and you need to update the Su binary to activate the root access. Therefore, visit the Google Play Store and download SuperSU APK on your device and update the Su binary by launching the app. The SuperSU app will ask your permission to disable the Samsung Knox to when updating the binary and give your consent to update the binary. 

Final Word

Disabling Knox does not mean tripping the Knox warranty. But, there is no guarantee about it from the developer himself. So you have to proceed at your own risk.