how to root Android

Most of Android users are not satisfied with their Android smartphones although they are using them. There are several reasons for this dissatisfaction in which bloatware & system apps take lead. As you know, almost all of Android smartphones come with pre-installed apps and those apps consume a large partion of internal memory and a considerable amount of battery power. That is why all most all of Android smartphones are lack of performance. Actually, users would not have even thought about Android rooting if Android smartphones were free of such ridiculous things.

How To Root Android

Simply, Android rooting is the process which allows Android users to avoid the all software restrictions that have been configured on the stock Android operating system according to the preferences of device manufacturers and network carriers. Honestly, Android rooting cannot be considered as a legal or complaisant task as we go against EULA when rooting. However, there are no stable and clear legal activities related to Android root and I can only mention here that technically, rooting is dangerous to your device if goes wrong. So make sure to get a good guide before starting to root your device. As all you know, XDA developers is the most official and recommended Android forum in the word for rooting related matter as of now and you can visit there to have more information on rooting

root Android

How To Root Android & Improve Your Device Performance

I have mentioned bloatware & system apps that would reduce your device performance. Here we are going to talk about removing system apps which can improve your device performance immediately. Generally, you cannot remove them without rooting your device as your device manufacturer and network carrier have been put them as system apps on your device. System apps are not allowed access by the third-parties as it is critical. But, after rooting, you have access to system files and you can remove them using relavant root apps that usually needs to be launched as system apps. There are several apps in the Google Play store that you can use to remove system apps from your device. Among them, System app remover has higher popularity since it offers more features other than removing system apps

Final Word

Here, I do not encourage you to root your Android or use any root apps as it is really dangerous to your device. But you must be aware that Android rooting is the one and only way that can open up the real Android possibilities which you devise manufacturer does not allow you to use.