how to root android

Android users root their Android smartphones for various reasons and cleaning the Android system is one of the main rooting purposes. As you know, rooting allows you to access the deep stage of your Android and explore the core of Android. Here, we are going to get know about cleaning junk files after rooting. In simple words, junk files are referred to the temporary files which are created by a programme that is currently beign running or files which were created at the installation of apps. Junk files are only for temporary usage and abandoned after the process is completed. So, now you may understand that junk file are useless and only consume your devise memory without any purpose. That is why you need to clean them to avoid device slow or sluggish.

Adverse Effects Of Junk Files

When an Android smartphone is being used over time, a number of apps are installed and uninstalled which may cause a pile of junk file. It degrades the performance of your device even it has a higher hardware configuration. On the other hand, junk files consume the device's internal memory and reduce the chance to install other necessary apps and files. Junk files are useless temporary files and only affect your devise performance. That is why you need to remove them.

How To Remove Junk File

The simplest way to do this is cleaning cache. But it is not enough to clean hidden traces in the deepest level of Android. If you need to explore your device completely and remove the Android debris you need to get root access. How to root Android is a different topic and it cannot be discussed under this topic as it needs really vast space to be discussed. So, you can only go ahead if you have a rooted device already now. Because the system cleaning tool that we are going to discuss here needs root access to clean your device fully.

how to root

SD Maid

SD Maid is a system cleaning tool and it allows you to explore your Android device deeply and remove superfluous files very easily. Generally, we think that all things are over after uninstallation of an app. But, most of the times, uninstalled apps leave unless files on your device. It means the more you install, the more junk files are accumulated. In case, you feel that your device is slower than before without any hardware error, perhaps junk files may be the reason.

Final Word

Temporary files are really bothersome and it is one of the main reasons which cause a sluggish device. If you are facing such a problem, you can try SD Maid to determine if your device is also suffering from junk or not.