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Obviously, you are an Android user as you're looking at this post at the moment. Most smartphone users prefer Android mobile platform since it's budget-friendly and easy to tackle. But, the open-source nature of Android has become a bit bothersome to Android users as device manufacturers and network carriers exploit it. Generally, open-source platforms are really useful and beneficial than closed-source platforms. Originally, Android's been built as Open-source platform and device manufacturers and network carriers limit the full potential of Android as Open-source by applying some software restictions according to their preferences and intentions.

Android As Open-Source Platform 

Offically, a software in which source code is open to study, change and redistribute based on any purpose to anyone is called as Open-source. That is why you can download customized Android firmware where you cannot download the customized iOS firmware. A number of developers are already working on Android to release a customized version embedded with new users-oriented features than typical manufacturer-oriented features.

Why Android Root & How To Root Android 

As mentioned above Android is offically launched as Open-source. But, each device manufacturer alters the pure Android system according to their preferences and install utility software to give better user experiences and compete with other competitors. The manufacturer keeps the modifications hidden from the users and prevents them from accessing those files by keeping the administrative privileges with the device manufacturer himself. So, now you may understand that Android rooting is all about getting disabled administrative privileges to yourself

Android Root

 Root With Magisk Root

I'm completely sure that you must be someone who is already keen on Android rooting. If not, you won't be here at the moment. Currently, Android user are really keen on Magisk as their rooting solution since it's the one & only genuine rooting solution by now. The key point of rooting with Magisk is Google Safetynet, which helps app developers to determine the virginity of the Android firmware where it is running on. As a result of the accrediting apps using Google safety API attestation test, users are unable to run apps that have been secured with Safetynet on rooted devices. Currently, app developers are highly demanded to accredit their apps using safetynet services to prevent apps from running on altered devices which may cause sensitive-data stealing in future. So, if you have an idea to complete both goals at once, Magisk Root is the most suitable solution