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As of now, Android rooting has become easier than before and almost of all of Android users are familiar with rooting and rooting related tasks. Busy box is one of the frequent issues that arise along with How To Root Android matter. Here, you will be able to get to know what is Busy Box and what is the importance of programme on a rooted Android device. Technically, some rooted apps have been designed to work with this programme and Viper4Andoird which is one of popular music equalizer essentially need the programme to work properly.


Basically, Busy Box is explained as a software suite that provides all the commands in a single executable file and it is compatible with  Linux, Android and FreeBSD.However, most of Bustbox tools tend to work with interfaces that are provided by the Linux kernel. As you know, Android is based on a modified version of Linux kernel and the programme is widely used to make excellent Linux environment on Android. Embedded Linux environment becomes important since some root apps require this type of embedded environment to work properly. Some of the root apps need to access the lower level of the Linux kernel to work properly and Busy box is the most effective way to access the lower level of the Android system. As same as root apps, some of the one-click root solutions need a busy box and Kingroot which is one of popular one click root come with Busy box preinstalled.

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Installation Guide

Note: Proper root access is needed

  • Visit the Google Play Store and search for Busy Box APK
  • Download  the application 
  • Launch the app and grant superuser access
  • Tap on the "Install" button to install all the available commands
  • Finally, you get a message saying "Installation was successful"

Now, your device more powerful and it can run more complex root mods without any problem. Now, you can run root apps such as Lucky patcher, Viper4Android, Titanium Backup and Backup+ etc. Actually, it's better to have the programme installed on your Android as most of the root apps need lower-level access to the system to work flawlessly.


Though How To Root Andoird is frequently discussed, there are so many root-related things that are not discussed along with the main topic. Actually, the truth is the topic is too vast to cover at once. But, if you have an intention to root your Android device, make sure to cover all the things before proceeding.