how to root Android

"How To Root Android" plays a special role among the Android community because of the benefits that can be gained through the Android rooting. You may be someone who already has the Android device rooted or you maybe someone who is looking forward to rooting your Android. Whoever you are, I'm sure you are still keen on rooting and exploring it for more details. Here, you will be able to find the negative effects of rooting and the way you should follow to avoid it.

How To Root Android

Once you get the idea to root your Android, the first step you do is finding the answers for the question of how to root Android. Obviously, you get multiple answers to this question and perhaps you will be confused about which one to choose. Technically, this question cannot be answered directly since the solution depends on the various facts. So, the best way to have the exact solution is following good tutorials available on reliable sources such as XDA or other reputed sources.

Advantages Of Rooting

The key benefit you can gain through the rooting is to be able to control the whole Android system by yourself which belongs to your device manufacturer by default. It means you can do whatever that your device manufacturer can do on your device without any interruption. You may feel how impressive this is at the moment you get to know this. But, the reality is different than your feelings. Let's get to know what is hidden behind the mask of Android rooting.If you have an intention root your Android, you need to know both positive ad negative effect of the process that you may have to face

root Android

Disadvantages Of Rooting

Technically, rooting place the Su binary file on your Android OS and allow any app to run as a part of your Android system. It means an app that has Superuser (Su) access can access anywhere in the system edit, change and even steal them and pass them to Android hackers or third-parties.On the other hand, rooting disgrace the default Android security and make your device more vulnerable. Rooting is kinda hacking the device yourself and your software warranty may be cancelled as a result of this on some occasions.Since some apps refuse to work on tampered Android environment, you may face complications when running some Android apps after rooting

Final Word

So, what do you feel now? Surely, you may feel a bit insecure at the moment regarding rooting. That's reasonable.But, you can have your Andriod device rooted securely following a good tutorial and make the rooted Andoird more protected with some additional security actions such as root access management applications.