A few years ago, there were only a limited number of tech-savvy people when compared to nowadays. In past, Most of the users only needed to use the computer or smartphone for a specific purpose and keep it aside without colliding with it. But, the era has changed as of now and all the users need to battle with their devices and access to another dimension of the device. Android rooting is the best example that can express this rapid change that users go through. Sometimes ago, smartphones were only used for calling, Texting, Internet browsing and gaming. Now, users have started to play with their smartphones, not the games on their Android smartphones.

Android Rooting

Android is the most popular mobile operating system in the world and most of the smartphone users at least use an Andoird as their secondary device. The affordability has become one of the top reasons to use the Andorid smartphone and user-friendliness is also cannot be forgotten. Offically, Andorid is open-source opposite to Apple's iOS.But, however much the Andorid is praised as open-source, there are some software restrictions which make the Andoird close to closed-source nature. Most of these software limitations come from the device manufacturers and the Android rooting is the one and only way to remove these software restrictions.


Should You Root Your Android 

The answer to this question depends on various reasons. In general, all the stock Andorid smartphones are shipped with software restrictions controlling the user's ability to modify the device's stock firmware. Users pay a certain amount of money for the device when it is bought and it's unfair to keep them tied within a pre-defined frame. So, it's clear that users have the right to modify it. But, on the other hand, these software restrictions play a special role to protect the users' data stored on the device. So, In my opinion, the rooting process should only be done if you are exactly aware of what you are doing and also only if you are capable of handling a rooted device effectively. Untill, you are aware of the process and its effects, you are about to have all the hidden benefits available on Android

Final Word

Here, I'm not forcing you to root your Android device. The decision making is always under your consent and you are only informed about the nature of rooting and its foundation. However, if you decide to root your device finally, there are so many things behind the screen you should know before starting it. Therefore, do not try to root your device using suspicious rooting tools until you find out the exact rooting method for your device.