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"How To Root Android" may be one of the bothersome questions that an Android device user could ever have. Although rooting is a tiny hack that can be performed without any hard effort, it becomes more complicated due to unexpected reasons. So, here I thought to share some knowledge I've gained through reading and convince you to have a better experience at the point of Android rooting. Honestly, this could not be the most perfect article ever written, but I hope this will help you to solve or at least get strat to solve the question "How To Root Android" 

Android Rooting

As you know, the literal meaning of the "Rooting" resembles the beginning of something. So what do you feel when hearing the term "Android rooting".You may feel something like the "beginning of Android" when heard. Actually, it's true even it is not technically a complete answer. We try to become the system administrator of our Android device through the rooting process. It's done by adding an additional binary file to Android called "Su" which is very familiar to Linux users.

Universal Rooting Methods 

  • Exploit Method - All the one-click methods such as Framaroot, Kingo Root, Root Master, and Towelroot, etc are based on Exploits and uses security holes on Android kernel to place Su binary file in Android system partition.

  • Recovery Method - In this method, A whole framework embedded with the Su binary is flashed in a  recovery method. The recovery method is a bit advanced method. Usually, the relevant framework comes with an app that can manage the framework and users can modify the rooted device using app and modules via it. Ex. Magisk Root

android root

How To Prepare Your Device To Be Rooted

  • Complete Backup - The key point you should aware of is "Backup". All we love our smartphones and store so many essential things on our device to use them faster and more conveniently. Rooting is a technical task and we do not know how it would affect our device and data although we are fully focused on the process. So, make sure to get a complete backup

  • Unlocked Bootloader - Bootloader program prevents your device from running unauthorized firmware on your device and loads at the first hen your reboot your device. Rooting solution such as Magisk, modify your device while rooting and require an unlocked bootloader. Exploit method rarely requires an unlocked device but make sure to check the system requirements before using any rooting solution

Final Word

These are only common key points and you must check out specific system requirements and developer instruction before using any tool at once. Although rooting tools are based on the same technical structure, each tool's functionality may vary on each device due to various hardware and software issues.