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Android rooting is one of the popular technical tasks which allows Android smartphone users to step in to a new phase of regular Android smartphone. Although some users are keen on rooting some users still idle about it due to various reasons. Though they are not keen on root access untill they do not have a problem, it becomes more important at the point of recovering deleted Videos or data. Most of the times, though images can be restored without root access hardly videos can be restored. Let's check what are the possible ways we can follow to recover deleted videos on an Android device.

What Happen When A File Is Deleted

Once a file is deleted from your Android smartphone, your device no longer identify the file as an important one though it still exists the same place it used to be. But the space allocated to the file is shown as free and new data can be placed there. When new data are saved on the device, the deleted file is overwritten and deleted permanently. It means the more you save the more files are deleted permanently. So, if you happen to delete your files accidentally, stop saving new data on the device untill you recover deleted stuff. Technically, the free space that the device gets after deleting a file is located in the root folder and hard to access there without root access

deleted videos

Recover Deleted Videos from Android Phone Without Root

You can acheive the goal using a professional Android data recovery tool that could be downloaded from the respective official website. There are a number Android data recovery tool on the web to acheive the goal in which some of them are available for free while other software needs to be purchased. Most of the time, free versions only offer limited privileges and no need root access. As an example, EaseUS data recovery software can only recover deleted photos and videos from the SD card without root access.

DiskDigger APK

DiskDigger APK is a simple yet useful data recovery application that can be directly downloaded from the Google Play Store on to your Android device. Basically, the app can be used to recover deleted photos and images without root access. But, deleted videos cannot be recovered without root access and also need to upgrade the app to have advanced and deep scanning

Final Word

Technically, it's hard to recover deleted data without root access as deleted file's space located in root folder. So the better and the cheapest way to recover your data is to root your device and unrooting it after getting data you need